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What is CommentLuv Enabled?

CommentLuv is a Website plug-in that generates an increase in traffic, boosts in comments and faster community building. A plug-in is basically an additional feature to your site, which enhances the performance of the site; and CommentLuv is one such plug-in.

There were pros and cons that people enumerated in my research from usage of the free trial of CommentLuv.  Most of the positive comments outweigh the negative ones even though I myself recommend CommentLuv Premium for multiple reasons which we will discuss in this article.

Positive Reviews of Being CommentLuv Enabled

Some of the users, who downloaded the free version of CommentLuv, were satisfied with its performance.  Here are points people brought forward in support of CommentLuv:

  • Easy installation through dashboard or FTP software.
  • Increase in comments by rewarding users that share their thoughts.
  • Allows other users to share your post in different social media platforms.
  • No need for annoying Captcha’s to be entered before comments are left.
  • Increases your ability to create an interactive community of followers.
  • Support is reliable, available and approachable.

This plug-in can be easily installed with the use of the WordPress dashboard or manually installed using FTP software. CommentLuv comes with a free version which allows users to try it and experience some of the high-powered benefits for free.

Personally, I see the free version of CommentLuv as a potential hindrance for the product because you are not able to fully experience the power of G.A.S.P which removes unwanted SPAM from your life.  Or at the very least it significantly reduces such agony.

However, if you are one that needs to test an item before fully authenticating it within your network then the free version of CommentLuv is certainly available for your test drive.  Just know that the real power comes from the premium version of CommentLuv.

On that note, let’s continue:

After installation, you can increase comments dramatically with CommentLuv.


Because readers will be able to gain access to the links that are left by the commentators, which they can use as a backlink to their own Website.  The greater the backlink synergy generated, the higher your rank will climb on the search engines.

The plug-in also allows your readers to share and post your blogs using their social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the like.

Another important benefit of this plug-in is that it removes the captcha code roadblocks which others have setup to combat SPAM issues.  As a result more people are able to participate within the scope of your blog.  You can rest easy though when you tap into the power of CommentLuv Premium as G.A.S.P. goes to work making sure that you receive only the best of comments being left on your site.

All these features allow for easy community building because there are a lot of people who will be able to participate in your blog as a result.  Further, you can take the time to answer their posts which will bring even more success to your online endeavors within the world of blog comments.  Simply put, CommentLuv creates an easy communication platform between the blogger and those leaving comments.

One of the best features of this application is the fast support system it is connected to In case you run into any questions or concerns about CommentLuv.  Typically speaking with CommentLuv you will receive a response within the hour after contacting their support team.

Negative Reviews of Being Commentluv Enabled

Not all users are happy about the CommentLuv plug-in.  Here are points that the negative reviewers have addressed in their own feedbacks:

  • It increases SPAM from garbage posts.
  • The cost of the application is greater than with other plug-ins.

Most of the negative feedback from unsatisfied users focused around an increase in SPAM.  Opening your blog to receive comments from others can cause serious problems that must be monitored unless you want to lose face with the search engines. So you have to manually check the comments now and then to removes SPAM entries.

This is the very reason that I removed the free version of CommentLuv when I tried it in the past.  However, when I found out about Comment

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Visitors To Your Website

Internet Traffic Equals Website Traffic

The bane of most Internet businesses is lack of visitors. This can stop an online business from making money. That is why it is important to spend time and resources to ensure that you get more visitors to your website. However, it is important that you get targeted visitors, as they will be more conducive to buying your product or service. In fact, there are many ways to attract targeted visitors, and most online businesses need to use a combination of methods to show the desired results.


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Visitors to Your Website Want Quality Content

It goes without saying that if you have high quality and relevant content on your website, it will keep visitors engaged and happy. They will stay longer on your website and the longer they stay, the higher the chances of them buying your product or service. Such visitors come via search engines and hence, you need to ensure that you have high quality content that is properly optimized for search engines.

Informative Website Will Attract More Visitors to Your Website

You need more visitors to be able to build a mail listing. And, you can do this by ensuring that the information on your website is interesting and useful. It should satisfy the needs of the visitors, so that they bookmark it and keep returning to it. Repeat visitors can be easily converted into buyers. Hence, make efforts to do research on your niche and provide information that will be valuable to your visitors. This will also help you rank highly in search engines for your niche and with good traffic for free you can very easily get on multiple first page rankings.

Do Not Hard Sell

If you are selling a product or service, it is best to stay away from hard selling. Instead use your website to inform visitors about the benefits of using your product or service. List down the advantages your product or service has over the competitors. This will give visitors a reason to buy your product or service. If you try to force your visitors into buying, they will resist this force and leave your website.

Let Your Experience and Personality Come Out Via Your Website Content

All website visitors want to know more about the person running a website. This is in addition to finding out more about the product or service offered by the website. One of the best ways to let your visitors know more about you is via your content. Let them read between the lines to see that you have a lot of experience in the niche and do not believe in selling just about any product or service. You believe in quality and a product or service that can benefit them. This will make you more credible and also bring repeat visitors, who are more likely to become paying customers.

Make Yourself Available

Ensure that you address all queries from your visitors regardless of how small it is and be prompt about it. Good customer support is an excellent way to attract more visitors to your website and these visitors are can easily be transformed to paying customers.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing allows an online business to build brand awareness and promote its products or services using various marketing techniques that make the marketing go viral.

This can be done:

  • Using social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Creating content that is mobile-friendly as many online users are now accessing the Internet using smartphones
  • Offering awards and incentives to people to come to your website
  • Using forums and blogs to offer exclusive or limited time offers to drive throngs of interested visitors to your website.

By using these measures, you will be adopting the best practices to attract more visitors to your website which leads to sales. It may be time consuming, but the results will be guaranteed and outstanding. Your

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online viral marketing

Developing Your Online Network Marketing Plan

Viral marketing strategies are not a new way of making money online, but it is more popular than ever before. Basically online viral marketing is a way of gaining brand awareness by plugging into an existing social network.

Word of mouth advertising is a good example. As word spreads across the membership, it’s not long before the entire membership knows about it. But then, everyone they come into contact with will be made aware of the brand as well. Then everyone they come into contact with, and so on and so on.


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So just like the flu bug spreading through the classroom or office, the brand name is “virally” transmitted from person to person.

Viral marketing is an important tool for making money online.

So how do you do it?

Three Powerful Online Viral Marketing Strategies

First, give away something for free. Find something of value to the social network like:

  • Free ebooks
  • Free samples of a product
  • Free online courses

The easiest way to offer these is through an opt-in screen on a website. In exchange for the visitors eMail address, offer something of value for free. If there is value, it will spread from person to person.

Of course, the free product is branded to increase brand awareness in the market, but furthermore embedded with affiliate links to related products and services. Starting to see how huge making money online is with viral marketing?

It’s important to make the “virus” easy to transmit. A virus will not attempt to leave its host by itself, it must be transmitted from person to person, and the easier the better. Use:

  • eMails
  • Website links
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Etc.

to make the content easy to forward.

When the content is first discovered, and the reader/viewer is excited by it, it should be super simple for them to take that excitement and send the content to everyone they know. Don’t make it too difficult, or the excitement will soon fade.

Forums & Discussion Boards For Viral Marketing Online

Another technique is setting up a forum within the niche market. Allow people to use the forum freely and promote their own websites or interests. Brand the forum, so it becomes a recognized name. Some webmasters won’t have their own discussion boards and are eager to find a forum to call home. Give them a place to offer a discussion board about visitors to your website, and in turn they will bring new traffic to be infected by the viral brand.

Branding Online Viral Marketing Content

Of course article submission is a powerful form of viral marketing. This is an effective way of making money online. By submitting one article to a directory, such as this, it reaches the membership. But if each member used this article as content on their site, this one article would then appear 1000’s of times across the net. How many more people would that reach, then replicate, over and over. This is the viral effect of article marketing.

Look for products with “branding rights“. This means the product (ebook, software, etc.) can be re-branded to reflect the new owners name and url. In this way it appears to have been created by the new owner all along. While there is an abundance of these products online, make sure to search diligently for quality. Only provide subscribers (potential customers) with quality content.

Viral marketing has been around offline forever, like simple word of mouth. But with the introduction of the Internet understanding <a title="

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Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Online viral marketing strategies are a form of Internet marketing that uses social networks as well as other technologies to increase product awareness, increase sales and get people talking about a particular product or service. The products can vary ranging from beauty creams, food and drinks, upcoming movies etc. as long as there are many people talking about the product, everywhere, the result is successful viral marketing campaigns.

What is viral marketing?


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A viral marketing plan can take the form of word of mouth where the product being marketed becomes the trending topic on everybody’s mouth as they discuss it all the time. It can also take place in the virtual world, where a video/website advertising a particular product or service goes viral. This essentially means that the product/service appears on every website whenever clicked upon or shows up on your emails as pop ups.  The result of this activity is an obvious increase in visitors to your website. The viral marketer’s goal is to ensure that whatever they are marketing is on the mind of their audiences at all times even if they have to sleep, eat or breathe the product.

What makes successful viral marketing campaigns?

1. Have a good product

The first step to creating successful affiliate marketing campaigns is to have a good product. Identify a gap in the market and seek to seal it using the viral marketing campaign. Ensure that the product is in need in the market otherwise it would be a complete waste of time if you devoted all your time and money to do viral marketing yet no one needs your product.

2. Target your audience and appeal to them

What audience are you seeking to market your product to?

Is it adults, teenagers? Whatever your audience, tailor make the message to appeal to different audience types so that they may identify with the product.

It is highly unlikely that adults are fond of YouTube videos so it will be advisable to give this method a wide berth when promoting adult products. The youth are also not so crazy about eBooks or anything to do with reading for that matter so keep their message fun filled and full of activities. This is the only way to reach your audience and appeal to them. Make the message appealing by tailor making it to suit their age groups.

3. Do not restrict access to the product

This especially applies to viral marketing that takes place online. Allow for easy access to the product through fast downloads. This will make the product more appealing and will also make it easier for the audiences to share with their friends online. Ensure that there is a tool/button that allows for sharing of the product being advertised online so that people can do the viral marketing for you for free! This essentially allows for transfers of the product since it is being shared amongst many people through easy access. This is the core of viral marketing.

4. Make use of social media marketing sites

These include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure that you advertise the product on these sites since they have a lot of people tapping into viral traffic incentives daily. Again, allow for ‘sharing’ and whichever product you are promoting is sure to find its own way to successful viral marketing campaigns within a very short time.

<span style="colo

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Healthy Viral Viruses

Youtube Videos De Funny Videos

Viruses cause great panic among people; this is because most of the diseases caused by them have no cure. Viruses do not have to mate to increase in number to millions; all they do is replicate themselves again and again.

Viral marketing borrows heavily from this characteristic of the virus.  However, how to get more website views is the focal point of viral marketing.

Marketing virally describes a strategy that encourages individuals to pass across marketing messages to others. Like the virus such messages take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode information to thousands and finally, millions of people across the world.

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Offline, this form of marketing has been referred to as “word of mouth” or “network marketing”.  Online, I personally have coined it “word of Web“.  Which is stronger in today’s world?  I would say “word of Web” because it encompasses “word of mouth” socially to make things exciting.

One of the best ways to reach people online is with video clips.  This certainly isn’t the only method of what is advertising online but it is why people create YouTube videos de commedy videos or funny videos compilation that then get shared out to their own social channels as well as others.

Elements of Viral Marketing

  • Gives products and services away at a free or reduced cost
  • Provides effortless transfer of commodities to others
  • Makes use of common motivations and behaviors
  • Uses existing communication infrastructures

These are four principles of marketing virally. Below is a brief description of each on these elements.

1. Giving Away Products And / Or Services

Many marketing programs give away free items to attract attention. Some of these free services and products include; free emails, free information and free software programs that perform powerful activities, but not as much as those given by “pro” versions of the item. The marketers practice what is known as delayed gratification. They may not earn any profit today or in the near future, but with time they will attract a huge customer base and will see more profits in their businesses.

2. Effortlessly Transferring Products Or Services To Others

This marketing works best in how to get more website views online because constant communication via the Internet is easy and inexpensive. From marketing point of view the shorter the message the better. The digital era has made it easy to copy short messages and place them at the bottom of every free eMail message offered. Passing this message to others makes for easy and effortless communication on the Internet.

3. Motivations And Behaviors Are Affected By The Act Of Marketing Virally

Successful online marketers try to analyze and exploit common human motivations. Desire drives human beings.  Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze human desires likely to draw attention towards the product being promoted. Designing a strategy that builds on common motivation and behaviors in its transmission will lead to successful marketing results.

4. Tapping Into Communication Channels That Already Exist

People are social by nature.  Individuals in a social network may be friends, associates, and family.  An individual broader network will consist of hundreds and even thousands of people. This is especially the case in social media sites.

Network managers appreciate the importance of these network and communication channels which are used by people to pass across

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advertising words

How To Advertise With Words

Most people who visit websites do so after being exposed to a specific set of advertising words or images. These in combination with referrals from friends and family have great influence on the person being targeted both on and off the Web.  The result is that they are able to understand more about what you are offering because of words, visuals, people and other sources advertising for marketing online with you and your products or services.

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This kind of viral marketing example however, has one main challenge; in the scope of converting viewers to buyers which dramatically and directly affects your bottom line results.  Many people usually leave after getting the information they find what they seek and leave without actually making the desired purchase you are looking to secure.

How Advertising Words Increase ROI

Value Provided:

The first and surest way of converting from word advertisements into sales is by providing your clientele of great value for their money through high valued content on your website. This way, more people will sign up for more updates and keep tabs on more activities taking place.

After they sign up you can also be continuously sending them marketing messages promoting new or existing products or services through eMail. Therefore, providing value is an excellent way of ensuring that you get a second chance of informing a visitor of new products and services hence maximizing on sales.

Filling Up Leads

Apart from increasing sales through viral traffic, you also have a chance to make money by having visitors complete contests or give-away entries which become leads.  These leads can be exposed to your marketing funnel which allows you to touch them more than just the first time they visit your site.

Another approach to lead generation would be to create a product for your audience to share with their networks.  This approach in marketing words is enhanced even more if you can provide them with an incentive for sharing.  Everything from product or service discounts to actual monetary rewards should be considered.

Social Networking

This strategy particularly applies when one has a blog or if one knows how to get visitors to your website which has worked in directing visitors to their products and services. Since most visitors will obviously need more content, there is need for a Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed. This will make it possible for visitors to always come back once they have subscribed to the feeds. It increases not only the awareness of the product but also the chance of a single visitor making a purchase. To increase these chances further, advertising through other social networks such Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and such is recommended.

More About What Is Advertising

Sales can also be increased by learning other how to advertising strategies. Your advertising words should be carefully designed and positioned for the right audience when it comes to where to advertise as well as how to advertise in-order to give the right clientele the need or desire to buy your product or service.  These other forms available include but are not limited to Google AdWords and Facebook PPC.

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driving web traffic

Web Driving For Online Business

Posts, emails, texts, tweets… the entire world is going viral today. And while discussing the various web driving online traffic options, viral marketing deserves a mention.

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Today, email makes for the last place if you are all set to go viral, instead, you’ll come up with various other options in social media which does the trick of knowing how to generate traffic in a convenient manner perhaps even more than ever expected.

Moreover, it is social media through which you can spread the word of mouth virally. While considering the vital aspects, you need to first focus on the reason for choosing viral marketing followed by how this can be implemented in your business for the desired results.

What Is So Unique About This Web Driving Option?

Social media is a platform where people interact with like-minded people and share their interests. On rare occasions, you’ll find people buying things, looking for services or reading ads on a social networking site. Now, considering this scenario, why do you think anyone would prefer to go viral?

Well, here some of the reasons:

New branding carves the niche for smaller websites and startups. People may not recognize you or your brand. In fact, chances are quite likely that they’ve never heard of your website or organization. Getting new visitors to your website and that too after seeing your company logo is certainly an add-on, especially when you are still in the “Internet unknown zone“.

Extended branding is basically designed for larger websites and organizations that are a known face online. For them, choosing this driving web traffic option is a remarkable way to enhance their brand.

While most people who appreciate and keep track of a website know that social media pops are momentary and cannot be counted under the regular traffic flow, but then, if you are consistent in your efforts of encouraging Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and such then the viral way can help you get long-term traffic.

How This Web Driving Option Helps Your Business?

Viral marketing will help your organization in multiple ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • It helps your organization spread its advertising and marketing messages faster when compared to the conventional method.
  • Using viral marketing strategies you can reach out to a wider group of visitors in a short time span.
  • Your business or brand can gain additional credibility through viral marketing.
  • Viral marketing is a cost effective option that even start-ups can afford.

In a nutshell, viral marketing may work wonders for your business as it helps in generating additional traffic as you develop your strategy for how to increase traffic to blog or website, and in the process you’ll be able to make more money as well.

An online business can go viral when some information or messages associated with your organization are passed from one individual to the other. Some of the effective ways in which you’ll be able to make your online business go viral are arranging for viral marketing campaigns, implementing viral strategies into your business’s blog, website, newsletters etc,.

Last, but not the least, to make your viral marketing a real success, your clients as well as website and blog traffic too play a viable role and help your web driving school solutions and corresponding results of success.

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