What is CommentLuv Enabled?

CommentLuv is a Website plug-in that generates an increase in traffic, boosts in comments and faster community building. A plug-in is basically an additional feature to your site, which enhances the performance of the site; and CommentLuv is one such plug-in.

There were pros and cons that people enumerated in my research from usage of the free trial of CommentLuv.  Most of the positive comments outweigh the negative ones even though I myself recommend CommentLuv Premium for multiple reasons which we will discuss in this article.

Positive Reviews of Being CommentLuv Enabled

Some of the users, who downloaded the free version of CommentLuv, were satisfied with its performance.  Here are points people brought forward in support of CommentLuv:

  • Easy installation through dashboard or FTP software.
  • Increase in comments by rewarding users that share their thoughts.
  • Allows other users to share your post in different social media platforms.
  • No need for annoying Captcha’s to be entered before comments are left.
  • Increases your ability to create an interactive community of followers.
  • Support is reliable, available and approachable.

This plug-in can be easily installed with the use of the WordPress dashboard or manually installed using FTP software. CommentLuv comes with a free version which allows users to try it and experience some of the high-powered benefits for free.

Personally, I see the free version of CommentLuv as a potential hindrance for the product because you are not able to fully experience the power of G.A.S.P which removes unwanted SPAM from your life.  Or at the very least it significantly reduces such agony.

However, if you are one that needs to test an item before fully authenticating it within your network then the free version of CommentLuv is certainly available for your test drive.  Just know that the real power comes from the premium version of CommentLuv.

On that note, let’s continue:

After installation, you can increase comments dramatically with CommentLuv.


Because readers will be able to gain access to the links that are left by the commentators, which they can use as a backlink to their own Website.  The greater the backlink synergy generated, the higher your rank will climb on the search engines.

The plug-in also allows your readers to share and post your blogs using their social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the like.

Another important benefit of this plug-in is that it removes the captcha code roadblocks which others have setup to combat SPAM issues.  As a result more people are able to participate within the scope of your blog.  You can rest easy though when you tap into the power of CommentLuv Premium as G.A.S.P. goes to work making sure that you receive only the best of comments being left on your site.

All these features allow for easy community building because there are a lot of people who will be able to participate in your blog as a result.  Further, you can take the time to answer their posts which will bring even more success to your online endeavors within the world of blog comments.  Simply put, CommentLuv creates an easy communication platform between the blogger and those leaving comments.

One of the best features of this application is the fast support system it is connected to In case you run into any questions or concerns about CommentLuv.  Typically speaking with CommentLuv you will receive a response within the hour after contacting their support team.

Negative Reviews of Being Commentluv Enabled

Not all users are happy about the CommentLuv plug-in.  Here are points that the negative reviewers have addressed in their own feedbacks:

  • It increases SPAM from garbage posts.
  • The cost of the application is greater than with other plug-ins.

Most of the negative feedback from unsatisfied users focused around an increase in SPAM.  Opening your blog to receive comments from others can cause serious problems that must be monitored unless you want to lose face with the search engines. So you have to manually check the comments now and then to removes SPAM entries.

This is the very reason that I removed the free version of CommentLuv when I tried it in the past.  However, when I found out about Comment

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