Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Online viral marketing strategies are a form of Internet marketing that uses social networks as well as other technologies to increase product awareness, increase sales and get people talking about a particular product or service. The products can vary ranging from beauty creams, food and drinks, upcoming movies etc. as long as there are many people talking about the product, everywhere, the result is successful viral marketing campaigns.

What is viral marketing?


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A viral marketing plan can take the form of word of mouth where the product being marketed becomes the trending topic on everybody’s mouth as they discuss it all the time. It can also take place in the virtual world, where a video/website advertising a particular product or service goes viral. This essentially means that the product/service appears on every website whenever clicked upon or shows up on your emails as pop ups.  The result of this activity is an obvious increase in visitors to your website. The viral marketer’s goal is to ensure that whatever they are marketing is on the mind of their audiences at all times even if they have to sleep, eat or breathe the product.

What makes successful viral marketing campaigns?

1. Have a good product

The first step to creating successful affiliate marketing campaigns is to have a good product. Identify a gap in the market and seek to seal it using the viral marketing campaign. Ensure that the product is in need in the market otherwise it would be a complete waste of time if you devoted all your time and money to do viral marketing yet no one needs your product.

2. Target your audience and appeal to them

What audience are you seeking to market your product to?

Is it adults, teenagers? Whatever your audience, tailor make the message to appeal to different audience types so that they may identify with the product.

It is highly unlikely that adults are fond of YouTube videos so it will be advisable to give this method a wide berth when promoting adult products. The youth are also not so crazy about eBooks or anything to do with reading for that matter so keep their message fun filled and full of activities. This is the only way to reach your audience and appeal to them. Make the message appealing by tailor making it to suit their age groups.

3. Do not restrict access to the product

This especially applies to viral marketing that takes place online. Allow for easy access to the product through fast downloads. This will make the product more appealing and will also make it easier for the audiences to share with their friends online. Ensure that there is a tool/button that allows for sharing of the product being advertised online so that people can do the viral marketing for you for free! This essentially allows for transfers of the product since it is being shared amongst many people through easy access. This is the core of viral marketing.

4. Make use of social media marketing sites

These include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure that you advertise the product on these sites since they have a lot of people tapping into viral traffic incentives daily. Again, allow for ‘sharing’ and whichever product you are promoting is sure to find its own way to successful viral marketing campaigns within a very short time.

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