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Viruses cause great panic among people; this is because most of the diseases caused by them have no cure. Viruses do not have to mate to increase in number to millions; all they do is replicate themselves again and again.

Viral marketing borrows heavily from this characteristic of the virus.  However, how to get more website views is the focal point of viral marketing.

Marketing virally describes a strategy that encourages individuals to pass across marketing messages to others. Like the virus such messages take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode information to thousands and finally, millions of people across the world.

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Offline, this form of marketing has been referred to as “word of mouth” or “network marketing”.  Online, I personally have coined it “word of Web“.  Which is stronger in today’s world?  I would say “word of Web” because it encompasses “word of mouth” socially to make things exciting.

One of the best ways to reach people online is with video clips.  This certainly isn’t the only method of what is advertising online but it is why people create YouTube videos de commedy videos or funny videos compilation that then get shared out to their own social channels as well as others.

Elements of Viral Marketing

  • Gives products and services away at a free or reduced cost
  • Provides effortless transfer of commodities to others
  • Makes use of common motivations and behaviors
  • Uses existing communication infrastructures

These are four principles of marketing virally. Below is a brief description of each on these elements.

1. Giving Away Products And / Or Services

Many marketing programs give away free items to attract attention. Some of these free services and products include; free emails, free information and free software programs that perform powerful activities, but not as much as those given by “pro” versions of the item. The marketers practice what is known as delayed gratification. They may not earn any profit today or in the near future, but with time they will attract a huge customer base and will see more profits in their businesses.

2. Effortlessly Transferring Products Or Services To Others

This marketing works best in how to get more website views online because constant communication via the Internet is easy and inexpensive. From marketing point of view the shorter the message the better. The digital era has made it easy to copy short messages and place them at the bottom of every free eMail message offered. Passing this message to others makes for easy and effortless communication on the Internet.

3. Motivations And Behaviors Are Affected By The Act Of Marketing Virally

Successful online marketers try to analyze and exploit common human motivations. Desire drives human beings.  Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze human desires likely to draw attention towards the product being promoted. Designing a strategy that builds on common motivation and behaviors in its transmission will lead to successful marketing results.

4. Tapping Into Communication Channels That Already Exist

People are social by nature.  Individuals in a social network may be friends, associates, and family.  An individual broader network will consist of hundreds and even thousands of people. This is especially the case in social media sites.

Network managers appreciate the importance of these network and communication channels which are used by people to pass across

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